Modern Gardening Techniques with Soil and Hydroponics is an effective gardening resource for the 21st century gardener. Tackling both soil and soilless cultivation that can be performed through small scale indoor gardens to medium-sized greenhouses, this book contains essential information and how-to’s of indoor gardening and hydroponics that both seasoned and novice gardeners can take advantage of.

Modern Gardening Techniques with Soil and Hydroponics contains information on horticulture, life cycle and maintenance of annual flowers and vegetables. A chapter is also dedicated to understanding seeds and seedlings alone, the germination process as well as methods of storing, maintaining and keeping them of high quality.

Create the Best Environment for Your Crops in Soil and Indoors

Gardeners with their own greenhouses are also provided a checklist for a successful greenhouse gardening, including essential factors such as climate, temperature control and how to set up a hydroponic system. Indoor gardeners will also find essential information on container gardening, its requirements and expert tips on keeping the plants alive and bountiful even when not in garden soil. The book also contains inside information about water, irrigation systems, nutrients, pH levels and other important factors that plants need to thrive both in soil and soilless environment.

A Book Created for the Modern-day Gardener

With generous tips on modern day for both soil and soilless plant cultivation, the Modern Gardening Techniques with Soil and Hydroponics is a practical resource designed for this day’s plant requirements. This book is a comprehensive guide for the modern gardens, both grown hydroponically and on soil. Most of all, it is a solid proof that gardening does not have to be difficult and stressful. Through correct knowledge and putting up the right system, gardening could be one of today’s most inexpensive therapies.

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